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Barcelona, 26-29 April 2022


Proposals should be submitted electronically by 15 January 2022 (deadline extended) to the Organizing Committee stating the main points of the presentation, placing it in the context of previous research on the subject, and indicating the importance of the contribution. They must be original, unpublished, and cannot have been presented at other congresses. All abstracts must have a title and the name of the author; his/her abbreviated CV (maximum 150 words per author) should be included. The preferred languages ​​of the Congress (both for abstracts and oral communications) are Catalan, Spanish, and English.

The congress will have a dual format and will include both virtual and in-person sessions (to the extent that the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic allows). In the case of virtual sessions, the authors must send their pre-recorded video presentation well in advance and, on the day and time assigned to the presentation, they must personally participate (via videoconference) in the discussion after the presentation. The formats of participation are the following:

Individual proposals*: Papers will be 20 minutes long followed by 10 minutes for discussion. The Organizing Committee will combine the accepted communications in sessions, according to their topic. The author (or authors) of the proposal must present an abstract of between 250 and 350 words.

Session proposals*: The Organizing Committee encourages the submission of proposals for thematic sessions of 90 minutes that include, at least, three papers of 20 minutes with 10 minutes for discussion after each one. The time dedicated to the session (90 minutes) can also be organized by increasing the number of participants and reducing the intervention time of each one to 10 or 15 minutes, but a leaving a minimum of 15 minutes for a final discussion. The session coordinator must present a global summary of the proposal (between 250 and 350 words) and summaries of each of the participants’ papers (between 250 and 350 words each). The papers of each session will be selected in the same way as the individual proposals.

Poster presentations*: The poster proposals will have the same characteristics as the paper proposals (with an abstract of between 250 and 350 words), but will also include an explanation of the content and objective of the graphic presentation. The specific indications for the posters will be announced with the acceptance information.

Workshop proposals*: Workshops will be considered to combine practical and / or musical performance aspects with academic and / or technological issues. Teachers, artists, curators and technicians from different fields can present proposals for workshops to emphasize challenges and possibilities of music in the academic, educational, performative, organological, technological/digital, and social fields, among others. The author of the proposal must present an abstract of between 300 and 500 words indicating participants and format.

Roundtables*: The Organizing Committee encourages proposals for round tables that encourage dialogue and the exchange of ideas among all participants. In addition to stating the objectives of the session, the proposals must specify who will be the participants of the round table and must prove their acceptance. This format is especially suitable for dealing with issues related to cultural / musical policies that are carried out in current societies, as well as the interrelationship between the arts or multiculturalism, among other topics that are especially sensitive to transversality. The proposal coordinator must submit an abstract of between 300 and 500 words.

*For organizational reasons, the number of communications, sessions, posters, workshops and round tables to be scheduled will be reduced, so the selection process will be especially rigorous.

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